August 11, 2022


Editing Photography, Videos and 3D by Rich the Renegade

3DCoat 2021 Sculpt Sessions Pt 1

1 min read

This video begins an extensive Sculpting Session by Flavio Rygaard, as he explains the power of 3DCoat 2021’s New Sculpting Brush Engine, which offers much more control and customization of each Surface Mode (and some Voxel) brush…including LiveClay (Dynamic Subdivision) functionality built right into each brush…rather than having separate brushes for this featureset.

*Flavio Rygaard is a Brazilian artist, and thus English is not his primary/native language, yet he speaks it well enough to be understood by most objective viewers. He has been gracious enough to share his tips with the community and it is free content, so please be respectful and courteous with your comments.

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