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Canon R5 / R6 Tutorial Training Overview – Free

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Canon R5 / R6 Tutorial Training Overview - Free

If you would like to be notified when the Canon R5 Crash Course is available let us know in the comment section here:

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(Note on the R6 – The R6 has not been publicly released yet, but I expect it to be mostly the same to the R5, with a few differences in resolution, video features and an Analog mode dial. Most of the operations and menus should be the same, and I will update this description or make a follow up video on anything significantly different )

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0:00 Intro
2:39 Getting Started
11:20 External Buttons
23:37 LCD Info
27:01 Quick Menu
39:14 Touchscreen
40:37 Shooting Modes
43:11 Modes & Exposure Control
1:09:04 Electronic Shutter
1:10:31 White Balance
1:17:05 Focusing System
1:23:59 Face & Eye Detection
1:29:56 Focus Peaking
1:31:13 Back Button Focusing
1:33:31 Video Focusing
1:35:04 Metering Modes
1:37:12 Deep Menu
1:39:11 Image Quality
1:43:02 Dual Pixel RAW
1:43:41 Cropping/aspect ratio
1:44:03 Exposure Compensation / AEB
1:45:57 ISO speed settings
1:47:01 HDR PQ settings
1:47:32 Auto Lighting Optimizer
1:48:02 Highlight tone priority
1:48:24 Anti-flicker shoot.
1:49:34 White Balance
1:50:49 Color space
1:52:58 Clarity
1:53:16 Lens aberration correction
1:55:40 Long exp. noise reduction
1:56:14 High ISO speed NR
1:56:37 Dust Delete Data
1:57:39 Multiple exposure
1:58:15 Focus Bracketing
1:58:59 Interval timer
1:59:31 Bulb timer
2:00:13 Shutter mode
2:00:49 Release shutter without card
2:01:08 Touch Shutter
2:01:31 High speed display
2:02:40 Metering timer
2:02:54 Exposure Simulation
2:03:49 Shooting info. disp.
2:04:45 VF display format
2:04:55 Disp. performance
2:05:07 AF Operation
2:05:18 Subject to detect
2:05:30 eye detection
2:05:47 Touch & Drag AF settings
2:06:03 MF Peaking settings
2:07:09 AF-assist beam firing
2:07:36 Servo AF
2:08:20 Lens electronic MF
2:08:48 Limit AF Methods
2:09:06 Orientation linked AF Point
2:09:44 AF Method selection control
2:10:22 Initial Servo AF pt for Face
2:10:37 Focus ring rotation
2:11:09 Protect images
2:11:50 Erase images
2:12:33 Rotate Stills
2:13:15 Rating
2:13:51 Image copy
2:14:03 Print order/ Photobook set-up
2:14:43 RAW processing
2:15:35 DPRAW processing
2:15:50 Resize
2:16:01 Cropping
2:16:31 HEIF / JPEG Conversion
2:16:46 Slide Show
2:17:19 Set image search conditions
2:17:39 Magnification
2:17:56 Image Jump
2:18:51 Switch
2:19:11 Rate / Microphone button
2:21:06 Playback information display
2:21:53 Highlight alert
2:22:23 AF point disp.
2:22:49 Playback grid
2:23:03 Movie play count
2:23:27 WiFi Menu
2:24:22 Record Function
2:26:23 File Numbering
2:26:49 File name
2:27:33 Format card
2:28:10 Auto rotate
2:29:09 Power Saving
2:29:40 Screen/viewfinder display
2:29:59 Screen Brightness
2:30:10 Viewfinder brightness
2:30:51 HDMI resolution
2:31:05 Touch Control
2:31:51 Shutter at shutdown
2:32:03 Sensor Cleaning
2:32:46 Reset camera
2:33:15 Battery info
2:33:38 Copyright information
2:34:13 Firmware
2:35:25 Customize Buttons
2:35:37 My Menu
2:38:17 Movie Quality
2:40:16 Movie Cropping
2:40:44 Sound Recording
2:41:16 Canon Log settings
2:42:04 Lens aberration correction
2:42:33 Time-lapse movie
2:43:24 Image Stabilizer mode
2:43:55 Shutter button function for movies
2:44:10 Metering timer
2:44:51 Shooting info display
2:45:04 VF display format
2:45:33 HDMI display
2:45:43 Time code
2:46:00 Camera Connect App
2:55:17 Michael’s Recommendations

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