August 10, 2022


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Character Creator 3 – Content Pack: Elite Characters

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Check out Character Creator 3 – Content Pack: Elite Characters here:

These 10, highly-detailed digital humans are designed in with celebrity styles in mind. Not only do they look gorgeous, but you can also freely blend their morphs, mix them with other hair, outfits, and accessories to best present your characters for live mocap, real-time animation or artistic renders.

Main Features :

● RTL Eye System – this new eye system provides ultra realistic real-time eye render in a 3D scene that is purely lit up with real lights. RTL eyes work for both shader modes. By default, it’s in Traditional Shader mode, which is optimized for real light reflection. You can also switch them back to PBR shader mode for IBL reflection. Please watch this video to know more about RTL design.

● Unique Eyes and Teeth – Each character has its own unique eye material settings corresponding to his or her face shape and ethnic origin. The gum and tooth structure are individually adjusted to best fit each face shapes.

● Skin Preset and Skin Morph – Both Skin Preset and Skin & Morph Preset are provided for full body and head only. Most notably you can use the Head Skin Morph to switch avatars’ head, so that the body skin color can naturally follow the new head skin change.

● Head and Body Morph – Each character has separated head and body morph. You can change a character’s body morph without affecting his or her face shape, and vice versa.

● Additional Base_IBL and Base_RTL projects are provided for the easy light scheme change, it also lets users start with an absolute neutral body shape.

Note :
● RTL stands for Real-Time Lighting, optimized for projects that are lit up with real lights without using IBL. You can find all Elite character content under their corresponding CC3_RTL folders after installation

● Both 2K and 4K texture content are provided. Access 4K texture options from High Resolution folder

● Some clothing, accessories, and hairs displayed in the images and videos are not included in this pack. To view the exact assets included in this Content pack, please visit the product gallery.

Character Creator 3:


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