August 10, 2022


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Character Creator 3 Tutorial – Guide to RTL Character System

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Check out Character Creator 3 – Content Pack: Elite Characters here:

This tutorial introduces six of Reallusion’s new Elite Range of characters, and describes their specific optimizations for real time lighting.

In addition to demonstrating the new characters and their features, the video also covers a number of fundamental topics including preparing base models, Real Time lighting and shadow settings, texture settings as well as using Character Creator’s powerful content preset approach. The tutorial finishes off by demonstrating the latest avatars in iClone.

0:00 Introduction
0:24 The Default Project And Using Subdivision
0:56 Resetting the Default Project
01:34 Preset Default Projects – The Base IBL Project
02:48 The Base RTL Project And Eye Settings
04:24 Checking Out A New Avatar
05:06 Real Time Eye Shadows And Shadow Bias Settings
06:44 Baked On Eye Shadow Options
08:49 How GI And IBL Affect Skin
10:33 Eye and Skin Glow Map Options
11:42 Changing Multiple Texture Settings At Once
12:16 Checking Out More New Avatars
13:31 Introducing Content Presets – Morphs
14:17 Understanding The Various Avatar Presets
16:24 Demonstrating RTL Avatars In IRay
18:08 Demonstrating RTL Avatars In IClone
20:15 Summary and Conclusion

Find out more about Character Creator 3:

Character Creator:



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