October 4, 2022


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Cinematic Coloring in Filmora X! | Wondershare Filmora X Tutorial

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Ready to start editing videos? Click to get started with #FilmoraX: https://bit.ly/3wdAYRZ // Cinematic coloring helps give an extra punch to your videos. Different colors can affect the feel and mood of a scene in various ways. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn more about cinematic coloring like elements in color like color temperature, color contrast, HSL, and how to do cinematic coloring for your videos in Filmora X!

0:24 Color in Videos
1:04 Elements in Color
2:23 Color Editing in Filmora X
5:46 How to Create Color Presents in Filmora X

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Ready to start editing videos? Wondershare Filmora X has everything you need! Click to get started: https://bit.ly/3wdAYRZ

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