August 10, 2022


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Cloth Bases for Character Creator – Professional Outfits

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This professional 3D clothing pack is designed for all kinds of professions. Use them for business use, employee training, animated presentations, company websites and more!

When you acquire this pack, you’ll get a great collection of work-related attires for you to create the most representational characters for your, or your client’s company. Find everything from formal business outfits for banks or insurance presentations, to worker jumpsuits for construction proposals. Adding these well-dressed, occupational characters in your presentation can really help connect your message more with your audiences.

Additionally, the customizable clothing and shoe bases can be further modified inside the iClone Character Creator tool, allowing you to add your own brand ID with logos, or specific design or color segments, to create authentic company uniforms.

Note: Corporate logos and images used here are for example purposes only. Each copyright is exclusive property of its owner. Logos, accessories and hairs displayed here are not included in this pack. Please see the Content library for actual products.

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Compatible Tools

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Character Creator – the main 3D character customization tool for this Realistic Human 100 Content Pack. This tool will help you create your own 3D characters without the need for modeling. You can also use this tool for character morphing, layering dynamic skin materials, conforming cloth with soft physics behavior and defining outfit fabrics. Know More –


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