November 29, 2022


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Creating crowded scenes in iClone 7 using re-meshed characters from CC3

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This is a tutorial showing the new tools included in Character Creator 3 that allows one to export reduced characters to iClone, completely re-meshed and re-texturized.

I show how using these reduced characters, it’s possible to manage crowded iClone projects containing even more than one hundred 3D characters.

00:00:00 Introduction – Handling crowds in 3D animation projects
00:02:04 CC3.11 InstaLOD Remesher tool
00:04:16 CC3 Convert Game Base and Polygon Reduction tools
00:05:05 Tip – Avoiding remesher undesired effects in accessories
00:07:10 Tip – Use the “Collect Clip” tool to copy characters and motions at once.
00:08:25 Tip – Use dummies to rotate characters with motions
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00:08:56 Tip – Use the same motion in crowds sliding it in the timeline.
00:09:39 Tip – Add resource consuming items once you have set all the characters and their motions.
00:10:06 Final considerations

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