November 26, 2022


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Free! Colour Grading Macros (24 Monadic Primary to Tertiary Grades)

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Here are a free set of 24 macros that will give you two variants (of differing strength) on each of the 12 primary, secondary and tertiary colours. Each macros strengthens and spreads a single colour (hence the term ‘monadic’). You can click one macro after another to try them out one after another. In the controls given, ‘Rotate’ and ‘Shift’ adjust colour and ‘Strength’ adjusts Opacity (try them out!).

The download pages for the macros (including more information on them) is here:

Note: At the time of production, if you run a macro when a group is selected, the group will be rasterized (turned into a pixel layer), which can be a real problem. This bug has been reported and may get fixed in future. In the mean time, if you have a group that this macro creates selected (is blue), click Select/Deselect Layers before running another macro.

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