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GoPro (Hero 9) Cinematography Guide: Settings, Camera Moves, Editing & More

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In this video I teach you everything I know about GoPro (Hero 9) Cinematography!

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In this ultimate GoPro guide I am teaching you very detailed everything you need to know about GoPro (Hero 9) cinematography:

00:00 – Settings
Settings are crucial to make your GoPro (Hero 9) look cinematic. I show you my 4 most used ones and why you should use those settings as well! I also explain you what frame rates actually are and why always shooting in 120 fps doesn’t work. Then I am also showing you why you should always use SuperView on your GoPro (Hero 9).

05:41 – Composition
Composition is also very important to make your GoPro (Hero 9) videos look most cinematic. I recommend you to activate the grids on your GoPro (Hero 9) to see your image divided into 9 squares and 3 thirds (vertical and horizontal). On the first vertical line I like to place the horizon or eyes of people, if you are trying to get cinematic people shots with your GoPro (Hero 9).

06:53 – About Me
I quickly tell you who I am and why you actually want to listen to my tips.

07:36 – Camera Movements
Knowing different camera movements is important if you want to make cinematic and professional looking GoPro (Hero 9) videos. I show you a few moves which are very easy to do handheld or with a gimbal. I recommend you to include those camera movements in your next GoPro (Hero 9) videos.

09:17 – Transitions 1
I am showing you different transitions you can do with every camera, including your GoPro (Hero 9). For those transitions you don’t need an advanced editing software, as they just require a cut, nothing else. They are all working automatically, if you know how to film them. No editing needed!

11:15 – GoPro Filmmaking Course
I quickly explain you what my GoPro filmmaking course is all about.

11:45 – Planning Your Videos (Story Telling)
If you have watched the transitions part you already know, how important it is to plan your GoPro (Hero 9) to make cinematic GoPro videos. That’s why I am showing you my planing process for each shoot to guarantee a cinematic end result. Do not underestimate the importance of this process. It’s essential to plan all your GoPro (Hero 9) videos for most cinematic results!

14:00 – Music
Editing to music are the very basics you just have to do correctly if you want to achieve cinematic GoPro (Hero 9) results. I show you step by step and in a very simple way, how to edit to music to make your GoPro (Hero 9) videos look professional! I also show you when to use which clips for certain parts of the song, so your cuts actually make sense.

16:49 – Color Correction
With color correction you can improve your in camera GoPro (Hero 9) colors. This tip also helps you to make your videos a bit more cinematic, but it’s not as important as all previous steps!

17:41 – Transitions 2
Before I showed you a few different transitions, now I am teaching you when and how often to use them!

18:58 – Sound Effects
SFX helps you to bring your GoPro (Hero 9) to another level!

20:00 – Traveling For Free
I am showing you how you can travel the world for free with the GoPro (Hero 9) tips you just have learned.

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