January 19, 2022


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GoPro HERO9 TimeWarp 3.0: How to Make Amazing Hyperlapses

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With the GoPro Hero 9 you can make amazing 3.0 TimWarps!

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In this video I am showing you how you can make your GoPro Hero 9 3.0 TimeWarps look amazing.

1. Tilt Down TimeWarp 3.0
The tilt down TimeWarp 3.0 is a difficult one to take, but with the GoPro Hero 9 it got a little bit easier because of the horizon leveling feature. Choose the 4K 30X speed setting and while moving backwards to shoot this tilt down TimeWarp 3.0 you have to tilt your GoPro Hero 9 down very slowly over a few minutes. Like that you get a really amazing hyperlapse on your GoPro Hero 9.

2. Audio TimeWarp 3.0
New on the GoPro Hero 9 and the TimeWarp 3.0 is the audio feature. On the GoPro Hero 8 we already had the stop & go feature, but now we also get audio when you change your TimeWarp to normal speed. That’s a really cool feature for all travel filmmaker and vloggers.

3. Slow Motion TimeWarp 3.0
Another new feature is the stop & go slow motion TimeWarp. On the GoPro Hero 9 you can set your TimeWarp 3.0 to 1080p with slow motion. That means whenever you stop your TimeWarp on the GoPro Hero 9 it films with 60FPS and directly slows your footage down twice.

4. Curved TimeWarp 3.0
GoPro usually uses in their promotional videos curved TimeWarps. That’s why I am showing you how you should take them with the GoPro Hero 9 in this tutorial and I also show you what you can use your "failed" TimeWarps for. For those kind of TimeWarps with additional camera movements you
have to invest a lot of time to make them look perfect because they are really hard to shoot. But once you get a nice TimeWarp 3.0 on your GoPro Hero 9 you won’t regret it having spent 30min for only one shot!

5. Boomerang TimeWarp 3.0
In case your TimeWarp 3.0 made with the GoPro Hero 9 turned out to short or there was a shake in it you can use it as a boomerang. A boomerang is an effect where you place one short clip in your editing time line, you duplicate it and play the duplicated GoPro Hero 9 clip backwards. Like that you can recreate with your GoPro Hero 9 the boomerang effect of Instagram and with a TimeWarp clip this effect looks amazing!

6. Tunnel TimeWarp 3.0
Now besides those TimeWarps with additional camera movements you can also get really amazing results if you just film a straight TimeWarp 3.0. Mount your GoPro Hero 9 on a chest mount and that’s it. Like that you get extremely stable TimeWarps and if you also choose the right location (I show you one example in this GoPro Hero 9 tutorial) then they will look even better!

7. Auto TimeWarp 3.0
Now the last feature you can use on your GoPro Hero 9 to shoot amazing TimeWarps is the auto feature. Here it is also very important to use this feature of the TimeWarp 3.0 at the right location to get the most cinematic result. I show you in this GoPro Hero 9 TimeWarp 3.0 tutorial another example of a good location for this kind of TimeWarp.

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