December 4, 2021


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How to Make Cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) Videos With Bad Footage

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How to make cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) videos with bad footage!

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In this GoPro (Hero 10) tutorial I am going to show you how to make cinematic videos with bad GoPro (Hero 10) footage.

There are in total 6 steps to get cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) videos:

The choice of your song is important to give a viewer a cinematic feeling. There are already tons of cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) travel videos on Youtube who use tropical house songs. Choose a different genre and your video will stand out!

If most of your GoPro (Hero 10) clips are bad, you have to make your final cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) edit as short as possible, so you can focus on your better clips.

Before you make the final song selection you have to filter your shots. I do filter them for pace. I have boat and one fpv shot, which are fast paced and underwater and regular drone shots which are slow paced. That means I need in my video a song with slow and fast parts to match the song to my GoPro (Hero 10) clips. Only like that it’s possible to make a cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) travel video.

Color Grading
If you have GoPro (Hero 10) clips which don’t look very nice, you can level them up by color correcting and grading the colors. I usually drag the blacks down to 0 and the highlights up to 100. But every GoPro (Hero 10) clip is different, so you have to decide how you color correct and grade your GoPro (Hero 10) clips separately for each clip.

Sound effects will bring your GoPro (Hero 10) travel videos to the next cinematic edit. Sound effects have a huge impact on how intense and cinematic your video feels and I recommend to sound design every single second of your cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) edit.

Blurry Clips
If you have blurry GoPro (Hero 10) clips with water drops or salt on the lens you should not delete them. You can still use them in your cinematic GoPro (Hero 10) travel edit and I am showing you in this GoPro (Hero 10) tutorial how.

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