August 8, 2022


Editing Photography, Videos and 3D by Rich the Renegade

iClone PopcornFX Particle Effects – Demo Video

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Find out more about the iClone PopcornFX Plug-in:

Reallusion partners with Persistant Studios, PopcornFX, the multi-platform & cross-engine realtime particle effects industry leader for realtime visual effects. iClone 7 adds particle realism with the PopcornFX runtime integration, particles library, and extensive VFX creation through PopcornFX’s powerful editor. The PopcornFX engine now tightly integrates with iClone’s lighting, physics and timeline animation systems, while retaining full custom import and attribute adjustment capabilities. Achieve top level quality VFX with PopcornFX, currently in use in a wide variety of game productions, from indies to AAA.

Super PopcornFX Tools:
Five tools, exclusively designed for iClone particle creation, allowing for quick VFX generation without the need to code a single line. They are fully integrated with iClone physics, global illumination, self-cast shadows, as well as textures, sprites, and mesh import for the maximum flexibility.

Know more about iClone Super PopcornFX Tools:

iClone PopcornFX Library 40:
This beautiful library is licensed directly from Persistant Studios – the original PopcornFX designers, and it has been especially compiled by the Reallusion team to showcase powerful combined effects and versatility when using the PopcornFX Editor.

Know more about iClone PopcornFX Library 40:

Find out more about iClone 7:



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