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iClone Scene Creation JUL 15, 2019

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This video is almost 2 hours long! 


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From A to Z: Creating an iClone Scene (Day 1- Introduction & Scene)

This section of the webinar is all about how to set up your scene. Starting with one of the embedded projects in iClone, you’ll learn about how to create your own props from primitive shapes, how to move and modify existing props in the scene, as well as a breakdown of all the elements in your scene via the Content Manager. From there, you’ll see how to break apart a prop into separate elements in Blender, and how to import your own custom props both from 3D Warehouse and the Reallusion Marketplace. Finally, you’ll learn about Substance materials in iClone and how you can apply them in various ways to really enhance the appearance of your props, and a quick and simple introduction to the Character Creator tool.

Live Demo Outline:
– Prop Import from 3D Warehouse
– Prop Customization in iClone & Blender
– Assigning & Customizing Substance Materials
– Simple Character Creation
– Simple Lighting

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