October 5, 2022


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iClone Tutorial – Creating an Outdoor Scene with Videos

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There are so many ways to use video files in your iClone projects, and one of the most interesting methods is to use a combination of background videos for your scene background and transparent videos with masking for the foreground.  This allows you to create infinitely more depth and realism in your scene.  Combine that with custom IBL (Image-based Lighting), and you have a completely enhanced scene.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do just that; strategically place videos in your scene on both the background and foreground image layers to enhance realism, particularly in outdoor scenes with weather such as snow or dust.  You’ll also learn how to use IBL and wind effects to emphasize outdoor weather patterns.

0:38 Importing Video Backgrounds
3:03 Custom Image-based Lighting
7:42 Wind Physics for Hair
13:36 Using a Masked Image Layer for Weather Effects

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