October 4, 2022


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Insta360 One RS Vs GoPro 10

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Insta360 One RS Vs GoPro 10
Costa Rica Cinematic: https://youtu.be/_jdxU5fungo
Thinking about getting a new action camera?

In this video @Jake Rich and @Anna Chah compare the GoPro Hero 10 Black up against the Insta360 One RS 4K Boost Lens. GoPro vs Insta360 has always had a great rivalry both producing incredible action cameras. In this review, we test and compare the new Insta360 One RS with the 4K Boost Lens against the GoPro 10 in a variety of environments hoping to give you a better understanding of each product and help you decide which action camera is best for you!

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BUY INSTA360 One RS: https://geni.us/6NBT
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