November 28, 2022


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Let’s Master Filmora 11 Part 1- AI portrait & Masking & Chroma Key & Motion Tracking _Episode 07

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Now, it’s time to master the more advanced skills of Filmora. In this video, I’ll discuss AI portraits, masks, chroma key (green screen), motion tracking, and more advanced techniques to boost your creativity and improve your video editing skills.

Filmora AI portrait makes it easier to remove backgrounds to create unique and eye-catching thumbnails, add cool moving backgrounds or text behind themes, and even combine themes into videos! Filmora AI Portrait can bring you more opportunities to be creative in your videos!

Motion tracking is a magic tool to make video creatives and professionals. Once the movement is tracked, you can add text or images, or other objects that follow the same movement!

When you want a good cutout, that’s where the chroma key is going to come into play (green screen). Filmora chroma key is super easy to use! Remember the last video on how to clone yourself and 3 ways to appear on camera? They are done through the green screen. This is a very popular technique because of its amazing possibilities to create shots that are usually impossible. With just a green screen and a camera, you can place yourself in any environment or background you want. chroma key is a perfect start for fully understanding the green screen technique.

* 0:00 How to use AI portrait
* 2:11 How to use Masking
* 3:13 How to use Chroma Key ( Green Screen)
* 5:07 What is Motion Tracking

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