October 2, 2022


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Master Class – Multipass Recording with Face Puppet and Mastering Face Key – by 3DTest

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LIVE FACE Profile: https://mocap.reallusion.com/iclone-motion-live-mocap/iphone-live-face.html
Motion LIVE: https://mocap.reallusion.com/iClone-motion-live-mocap/
iClone 7: https://www.reallusion.com/iclone/

Using New Face Puppet functions and workflows, as well as New Face Key Functions with updated CC3 Avatars.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Modifying an Existing Mocap Animation with Face Puppet
00:42 Face Puppet Replace Mode
00:58 Non Updated Avatar Compatibility
01:18 Adding Default Expressions in Blend Mode
01:24 New Crosshair Guide for Puppetry
01:35 Replace Expressions in Replace Mode
01:59 Solo Feature Drives Default Expressions
02:09 New ARKit and Tongue Full face Profiles
02:33 ARKit Closed and Open Expressions
02:55 Part Face ARKit Profiles
03:11 Using Part Face Profile to Replace Brows
03:39 Eye Preview and Replace
03:50 Facial Mocap/ Face Puppet Relationship
04:19 Mouth Replace
04:38 ARKit Expressions Preview
05:17 Tongue Expressions Preview
05:50 Mumble Expressions Preview
06:11 Deleting Animation Using Replace
07:00 Timeline Editing
07:08 Deleting Head Rotation
07:33 Building Up New Animation Using Replace
08:01 Inserting Expressions Using Blend
08:46 Clip Creation From Partial Recording Passes
09:07 Compiling Clips by Zero Passes in Blend Mode
09:21 Jerky Mouse Motion
09:44 Fixing Face Puppet with Clip Smooth
10:10 Editing Face Puppet Clips for Re-Use
11:13 Face Puppet, Mocap and Face Key Clips Playback with Tools Integration Summary
11:47 Introduction to Face Key
11:59 iClone Face Key = Character Creator Edit Facial
12:45 Using New and Default Expressions Presets and Sliders
13:19 Muscle Panel Summary
14:21 iClone’s Animation Approach
14:42 ExPlus Tongue Handling
15:06 Muscle vs Preset
15:19 Keyframe Only Animation and Perspective
16:17 Keyframing in Facial Animation


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