October 2, 2022


Editing Photography, Videos and 3D by Rich the Renegade

Pilgway’s 3DCoat 2021 Release Video. 3DCoat Textura and Free PBR Library Introduced.

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This video highlights the new lineup of 3DCoat-related products by Pilgway Studio.

Rhyno Model and Images: made by Flávio Rygaard
Kitbash scene, ship model and power station made by Paul Makovetsky
Helicopter made by Alexander Gorbatovsky

Watch to see:
– the astonishing new features of 3DCoat 2021;
– 3DCoat Textura 2021 introduced!
– Free Library of PBR Scans and Smart Materials, downloadable from materials.3dcoat.com;
– Pilgway’s brand-new website providing info on all the lineup of studio’s products;
– and more…

Find out more on #3DCoat: https://pilgway.com/
Download 3DCoat’s trial and try it for free: https://pilgway.com/download/3dcoat
Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3DCoat/
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/3DCoatOfficial

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