October 4, 2022


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This A.I. Does High-End Skin Retouching with 1-Click! – Photoshop Plugin Review

2 min read

Discover a Photoshop plugin that uses machine learning to do the entire high-end skin retouching process for you, automatically, with unbelievably precise results!
► Try Retouch4me for Free: https://pix.live/retouch4me
► Get Retouch4me with 25% off: Go to https://pix.live/retouch4mecode and use the code “PIXIMPERFECT”.

NOTE: To get the free demo, after visiting the link, click on the “More Info” button of the plugin you wish to try, and the download link for the demo version will appear. Also, the 25% discount is applicable till December 31st, after which it will be reduced to 20%.

In this video, we will take a look at Retouch4me Photoshop Plugins which use artificial intelligence to remove blemishes, perform high-end dodging and burning, and many other functions like adding dimension or whitening teeth. We will test how it holds up against challenging images and compare it with its Photoshop and Luminar counterparts. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

00:00 Introduction: Does A.I. Create Actual Layers?
01:56 What Is It? & Important Links
02:14 How It Works
07:17 Comparison With Luminar AI & Photoshop’s Neural Filters
12:38 The Absolute One-Click Photoshop Action
14:11 Comparison With Manual High-End Skin Retouching
17:20 Should You Get It?

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